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Common wedding-related questions

Q. Will the hall accommodate all of my guests comfortably?

A. Heritage Hall can host up to 350 guests for a reception, with room for dancing and buffet tables. The Hall is temperature controlled perfect for all seasons. The large windows allow for ample light to shine in on your day. The gazebo outside the hall can be included in your rental, allowing your guests to venture outside for a bit of the reception.

Agricultural Hall can host about 700 guests for a reception with ample room for dancing and other open areas. The Hall is temperature controlled, the large open space allows renters to change the space and allows room for different activities.

Q. Does the venue have adequate parking? Does it include handicapped parking?

A. Heritage and Agriculture hall have their own parking lot with ample parking for you and your guests, including handicapped parking. Both buildings are also within walking distance of the Capitol Plaza Hotel, which is convenient for wedding guests.

Q. What about the restrooms?

A. Both Heritage Hall and Ag Hall each have two restrooms (mens and womens). Heritage also features a small room behind each restroom with two vanity sinks and lighting, perfectly suited as dressing rooms for the wedding party.

Q. What size is the dance floor?

A. That's up to you. The dance floor can be as large as you like. One option available to you is putting your buffet tables on the dance floor, then once dinner is done we can move them and you'll have that space open the rest of the night.

Q. Do you have a sound system in the building?

A. For just $50.00 you can rent our public address which includes a wireless mic as well as a simple audio connection for plugging in your own music.

Q. Do you provide security?

A. If alcohol is being served we require a security supervisor, as well as a security guard. This cost will be included in your contract. The security supervisor is $18.25 per hour, and the security guard is $16.25. For events in Agricultural hall, a uniformed officer may need to be present depending on the amount of guests.

Q. How many electrical outlets are available for the entertainment?

A. Plenty. We provide all the power you will require for entertainers, food service and additional lighting.

Q. Am I required to use your food and beverages?

A. Not in Heritage Hall or Ag Hall. You can bring in whatever you like: outside catering, or do it yourself.

Q. Are tables and chairs included with the facility?

A. Yes. Included in the contract is the use of our banquet tables and chairs. We have plenty to meet the needs of your event. We also have 6' round tables available for rental at $10 per table.

Q. When can I have access to the building?

A. Our rentals are a flat fee for a full day. If there isn't an event the evening before, you can rent the building for half the fee of a full day.

In addition to the rental fee, your costs will include Expocentre staffing hours. There must be an operations staff member on property the entire time you are there. They come in a half hour before you arrive and they leave a half hour after you leave. They are there to ensure that your venue needs are met. Security staffing is dependent on whether or not alcohol is served, and the size of your event.
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